The parent involvement time commitment to the school of 15 hours is required of every family registered in Little Flower School. We believe that the involvement of the entire family in the educational process is essential for a successful learning experience for children. Statistically, children whose parents are directly involved with their school have a much higher academic success level. Every child at Little Flower School will have this advantage because of this requirement.

Teachers may from time-to-time request volunteers for assistance with activities and/or projects. Each family is responsible for volunteering to work at our church and school Carnival, as it is our community’s major fundraiser. The hours need to be served by an adult member of the family (18 years or older) .

Each family is responsible to acquire 15 hours of service annually in addition to 6 carnival hours. Every family is responsible for contributing to the Carnival which is the school’s major fundraiser. Each family is also required to sell five (5) booklets of raffle tickets for the carnival. LFCS families will receive 5 service hours for selling their assigned raffle booklets. These hours will be counted as part of the 15 required for school service. There are other ways to obtain service hours during the school year such as career day, coaching a sport, assisting in the book fair, room parents, Carnival (6 hours mandatory), fundraisers for the school and/or parish, chaperones for field trips and or donations.

Parents/guardians wishing to volunteer must have fingerprint clearance, attend a Safe Environment/Virtus workshop, and remain current with Safe Environment/Virtus bulletins. Please contact the school office to receive information on the ADOM policy regarding volunteers.

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based in traditional Catholic values